Causes of Waterproofing Failure and Best Practices to Avoid Waterproofing Failure

Causes of Waterproofing Failure and Best Practices to Avoid Waterproofing Failure

In the last 5 years, we have come across several waterproofing failures that are mostly caused due to the waterproofing membranes that are used. Most of these failures are domestic. There are also many reasons as to why the waterproofing failure actually occurred.

Mostly, people follow the method that has been mentioned on the product and thereby cover the surface using membranes or coatings. But they are not sure if they are good for this purpose. In spite of following the method statement, here is a list of reasons as to why there was a water proofing failure:

  • Poor Workmanship

The waterproofing is an expensive affair. Some of the materials that are used are very costly and some of them are reasonably priced. But irrespective of whatever material is used, the waterproofing will just not depend on one just the material. It is also dependent on the workmanship. 90% of the issues occur due to poor workmanship. It is important that you use the materials according to the surface on which it will be applied. It is not possible to do all the waterproofing using just one material. The material should vary, according to the purpose, surface, condition of the site, durability and many other factors. You start understanding this with experience. So, to prevent failure, the best thing that you can do, is to hire a professional for this purpose.

  • Choosing the Wrong Membrane

Membranes are applied to the external and the internal surfaces so as to prevent the formation of a barrier. This prevents the water from penetrating into the surface. When you are selecting the membrane, it is important for you to know about the condition of the site. Also ensure that the waterproofing material that you are using is suitable for you. When you are buying these products, it is better to ask for someone’s suggestion who has already used the product before. It is also important to know, if you have to use any other product parallel to the membrane. For example, there are certain primers that you use with the membrane. There are also some products that are not compatible with the membrane that you are using. If the membrane and the primer that you are using are not of the same company, there are chances of a waterproofing failure.

  • Apply on Uneven Surface

The application on a particular surface is dependent on the method that you are going to use. If you use any coatings, the waterproofing surface, might not have a good finish. But if you use a shield based water proofing surface, it will have a good finish. If the surface membrane is uneven, it can get removed easily and water can get accumulated inside the structure of the membrane. This water will not evaporate and due to the continuous water getting accumulated, it will spread over the membrane. Thus the bonding of the membrane with the structure will get weakened.

  • Apply on the Contaminant Surface

If the contaminants are mixed, the prime will not get into the surface. Therefore, when the membranes are applied it will not be loosened.

Best Waterproofing Practice

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