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Brick pointing NYC

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Brick Pointing Contractors New York City

Brick pointing is one of the essentials for repairing buildings to sustain its longevity. Brick pointing does not only restore the building but also gives the building a new beautiful clean appearance. Overtime the material, “mortar” between the bricks deteriorates which weakens the structure of the building itself. The brick wall starts to lose its strength due to cement loss. This causes the building to be very fragile and higher chances of collapsing or easier damage.

Common damage of not pointing the buildings in timely manner is that when cement starts to breakdown and lose its strength, minor gaps appear in the wall and those spaces cause the building’s interior to retain moisture. Overtime that has a domino effect and moisture can damage the insulation. If pointed on time the building is sealed from outside and prevents from forming moisture.

Brick pointing can be completed with various types of mortars and they can be completed in different colors. Types of mortar include: Type M, S, N, O, K, and L. All types are respectable to use; the mixture of how to make them is different. Most commonly used are types S and N. Type S included higher amounts of lime which makes it more flexible to use and is resilient to harsh weather. Type N is used for tuckpointing and it is also resilient to harsh weather.

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Brick Pointing Contractors New York City

Types of pointing:

Once decided client wants to preform pointing on their building, they have a few common choices to pick from. Each pointing style is beautiful and has its own benefits.

Below is a list of some types of pointing available:

This is one of the most common types pointing done in construction. It is when mortar is added into the joints between two bricks at the same level as the bricks. The spare mortar is neatly cleaned off and the bricks and the filled mortar are at the same level giving it a uniform appearance. This is mostly commonly used because it leaves no room for extra material to build up. It leaves no space for dust or water either.
This is also a common method of pointing. Its very similar to Flush, however, after placing the mortar in between the joints there is an indent in the joint. The mortar is filled then pushed back into the joint using a tool leaving some space and giving it a cleaner look as compared to Flush.
In this technique, we fill the joints as we do in recessed pointing. However, the top edge of the filling is pushed back further (3-6mm) to inside of the joint. The purpose of it is to remove water quicker if it rains. At times it helps slide water down faster. This type of pointing is not recommended to clients as it will not be long lasting.
in this technique we fill the space between the bricks as usual then use a V shaped tool to give it an indented V letter look. It gives the wall a beautiful yet unique finish.

Very similar to V shape, instead of V shaped tool a specific 6mm diameter key steel tool is used to press into the joint to give it a curvy shape.
Beside these we do tuckpointing, beaded pointing, weathered pointing etc. Details can be provided if necessary.

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