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Parapet & Facade

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Facade restoration is one of the critical procedures for both safety and waterproofing reasons. Cement joints and cracked bricks can be unpleasant to your eye, but they cause integral damage to the entire building structure. Some of the primary reasons that can cause façade problems to the buildings are flawed design or cement lost its strength over time, damages due to freezing, water penetration, corrosion, and improper installation and lake of on time repairs

A professional Façade contractor offers bespoke curtain wall and façade solutions to residential and commercial projects, office towers, apartments, high rise buildings, and shopping centers. Their direct relationship with the manufacturer makes sure about the compliance with the safety standards and the stringent quality. The façade is also known for offering structural support to a building and waterproofing the interior spaces.

Façade Restoration and Repair Services by supreme brick NYC

Supreme brick NYC is a licensed and one of the best facade contractors in NYC that is in this industry for more than 20 years. Supreme brick offers façade services that include, local law11 inspections and repairs, brick and lintel replacement, brick pointing, power washing, steam cleaning, parapet rebuilding, brownstone, stucco, and caulking.

We have restored so many historical buildings that are spread all over New York, including Manhattan and Brooklyn. We go through a detailed façade analysis of the structure before its design and offer a complete list of our recommendations and findings to the client. This helps our client to take immediate and preventive measures to take care of all the façade problems.

Our team believes that the primary key to a successful Building Facade Cleaning lies in the in-depth pre-construction and thorough work. As a well-reputed façade construction organization, we can assist all types of customers due to our long record of success and customer satisfaction.

Façade Restoration and Repair Services by supreme brick NYC

Different Types of Façade Services Offered by Us

Below are some of the facade services in NY offered by Supreme Brick NYC.

Why are we the Best in Façade Services?

Supreme brick NYC is the only company in this segment that has over 25 years of experience to help in preventing the inadequate consequent development of the joints and congregations of your haven. Below are some of the reasons that show why we are different from other companies.

Supreme brick NYC offers a well-skilled on-site team, proper supervision and management of the projects, and logistics coordination and sequencing. All our employees meet the industry standards to ensure that all the installations are performed safely and professionally.

We operate all our facade projects with the latest technologies and equipment like vacuum units, boom lifts, cranes, scissor lifts, and glazing robots.

Our access and scaffolding team make sure that all the façade related works like cleaning and maintenance can be accomplished without any difficulty.

Supreme brick NYC is one of the most sorts after companies providing services for Facade repair in NY for almost three decades. We strive to offer mind-blowing services to make your home like a dream. So, contact us today for a free evaluation of your building’s façade repairing and restoration related work today! today! In order to avoid costly restoration projects, it is essential to assess a structure’s facade condition before it deteriorates further. Facade deterioration can lead to structural weaknesses, which can increase the risk of accidents and falling debris. In some cases, neglect can lead to legal liabilities for building owners. Regular inspections and maintenance programs are essential for identifying facade deterioration and minimizing the potential for future damages. With proper care, facades can last for many decades, meaning the restoration process can be completed with little to no risk of serious liability.
The restoration process begins with a thorough historical analysis of the structure. The team should analyze the original blueprints and relevant drawings, and review prior improvement programs. Understanding the original construction process is essential before addressing physical condition. This includes the materials used, design approaches, and all maintenance and improvement work that was performed on the building over time. After assessing the physical condition, the team can begin work on a cost-effective and timely repair plan.
The facade of a building is one of its most important components, as it sets the unspoken expectations of customers and sets the overall structure. Platinum, a leader in façade maintenance, understands the importance of a building’s facade. Working with architects, general contractors, and property managers, our team will assess and repair the condition of each building’s facade. With our expertise, we can help you improve the overall efficiency and aesthetic of your building, thereby increasing its value and bringing it into the 21st century.
Facade restoration NYC services help restore a building’s exterior beauty by addressing damages, such as leaks and cracks. A well-maintained facade will attract profitable tenants and customers. Proactive facade restoration contractors NYC will also reduce your overall costs by preventing leaks and discoloration on inside walls. The benefits of facade restoration can last for years and will cost you less money than you would have spent on repairs and maintenance. With our help, you can restore a building’s aesthetic value and prevent expensive problems from occurring.
While facade restoration may be associated with historic buildings, it can also be an everyday practice for building owners and operators. In many cases, building facade restoration involves a significant amount of work behind the façade. First, we inspect the exterior of a building, including masonry, stone, grout, and brickwork. We then begin identifying the cause of the damage and plan for the restoration process. Once the façade has been restored, the remaining exterior structure is then repaired and the building is ready for its next life.
A recent case study shows how a complex façade restoration process can result in dramatic improvements to a building’s beauty. In New York City, the restoration of the 54 Bond Street condominium building was completed for $4.5 million. This facade restoration NYC project also included the replication of over 1,000 cast-iron units, formed metal cornices, and sheet-metal ornamentation. Ultimately, the result was a strikingly beautiful facade. The facade restoration process lasted five years and was recognized with a Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award.